Sunday, 4 November 2018

Interest Project !!


for my passion project Reuben and i made a bird trap.

This time we definitely got the resources/materials much faster than last time. 

for the resources/materials we needed a pipe ,mesh ,treated wood and pliers .

in the end we did not catch a bird like our goal was, 
but we managed to set the trap and get some data,for what bait we used and what bird it was.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Passion Project Pitch

What is my idea?

Make an eel trap + weapon

What will I learn and make/do?

I will learn how to build a trap
I will also learn how to make a weapon
Also learn how to sand
We will learn where eels live

How is this NEW learning for me?  

I have never built a trap
And i have never built a weapon
Learning to carve

Why do I want to learn and make this?

Cause i'm interested in making a trap for a eel
and a weapon instead of having to fish for a eel .

How will I learn and make this?

Watch a couple of videos or
Research on google .

What will success look like to me?

That the trap does not collapse or nothing snaps
And the carving works out perfectly
Nothing goes wrong

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Fishing adventure

Fishing Adventure

On Friday
Dad and I went to go fishing on the slippery green boulders by the port and we were in the car on our way .

When we were in
the car I asked dad something “Dad could I have a look at the maori fishing calendar”

(the Maori fishing calendar is a app that you can look at before you go fishing anywhere).

You have to put the pinpoint where you are fishing and if you go back it will say poor, good or excellent.

It will also say the date and you have to put the month and the year it is to and so i had a look at the maori fishing calendar and it said it was poor fishing.

But dad forgot to put the pinpoint onto where we are fishing.
(which was by the port on the slippery rocks.)

After that we were there I was not excited any more like I was at home before we left to go fishing.
When we were walking over to our fishing spot we saw a guy on the slippery boulders with some berley.

(berley is a sort of bait that you just chuck into the water and attracts the fish).

And he also had a spear.
(and a spear is something that you use to stab fish with and it can be extended to make it longer or it will already be long enough when you buy it)

So Dad walked over and asked him “have you had any luck today” and the man said no because with a spear you don't get as much luck as a fishing rod.

When dad and I were on the slippery boulders, we started to bait up.
I was the first one to be baited up and I had my sabiki rig on and dad put the pully rig on his surfcaster and casted it out .

I went down to the boulders and casted my sabiki rig out .
It was dark with the white gleaming moon shining down on us, with my hand in my pocket getting ready to take my torch out.
The rig dived down with bait hanging up  facing the water and floated down.
I could see the rig sinking down like a dead fish with bubbles coming up to the surface like it is giving its life to another fish in heaven  .

After a few seconds I was on, so I reeled it up and it was a small catfish hanging upside down with blood coming out like a vampire had bitten it.
Its gills were flapping around like a sunfish or a stingray swimming in the water.

So after that we chucked it back into the water so someone can catch it again bigger and so we had called it a day.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Passion project plan

Passion project plan
Soccer Imovie
For our soccer imovie we are going to show you a few videos about the basic skills in soccer

  • Crossbars,
  • Juggling,
  • Rainbow flick,
  • How to kick the ball up high from
     on the ground,
  • How to kick the ball up high from in mid air
  • How to kick the ball down low,
  • How to do a volley
  • Nutmegs
  • Ronaldo skills
  • Stop kick
  • Headers
  • The basics:
  • How to kick the ball properly,
  • Dribbling,
  • How to kick the ball straight on the ground with a hard kick

  • What is my idea?
To make a Soccer Imovie to get people outside and not play playstation or xbox for hours.

  • What will i learn and make?
     New skills in soccer and getting better in controlling the ball.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Sim Aquarium

Chapter 1
How to play Sim Aquarium:                 
So you Download Sim Aquarium from the chrome web store and then press add app when it has been added you will hopefully see it in tab and then you open it.

And you should have one hundred dollars.
There will be one fish in your tank. That one fish will be the a southern platy-fish.  When you buy another southern platy-fish soon it will breed and it will take a little while for i to breed after it has bred wait till it breeds more fish sell all of them except 2 of the southern platy-fish buy 2 bronze catfish and wait till they breed.

Bronze catfish cost more so when you get heaps of bronze catfish sell all the fish that you have got except your 2 bronze catfish and then after you have sold those fish you buy two rosy barbs or 2 dojo loaches if you have got $160 you can buy 2 rosy barbs or $320 you can buy 2 dojo loaches .
If you have dojo loaches to hopefully buy one`2 or hopefully 3 tropheus. If you buy 3 tropheus they will breed faster and if they breed faster the quicker you will get the money.

Chapter 2
The better fish
There are all sorts of good fish the best fish/turtle in the world is the green sea turtle the cost is $7168 for a turtle that is just crazy imagine that in real life.  how would you get that much money you would be Awesome!   
But you would need $93.942 to be a millionaire well you would have one million dollars.

Okay so all the good fish are the green sea turtle the barracuda the discus the goldfish, the Oscar, the black piranha ,freshwater angelfish, the marine angelfish and also the san Francisco piranha, the ram cichlid, the clown loach

Chapter 3
The hack
In sim aquarium there is a hack to get money so you go onto sim aquarium then up the top right corner you will see a question mark you press that and it will go onto a site scroll down and keep scrolling down until you will find a relax mode video and right above it there is the code and it will say this now you can get extra money fromconfiguration every hour or it will say this insert this code to get extra money. The hack is a way where you like want every single thing in the game like all the best stuff .
Chapter 4
This was the information guide to sim aquarium.
This has taught you how to play the game what fish to use and how to gather enough money to continue the game further. I've made the guide because me and my friend decided to teach you guys how to play.

The End

 Written by Ethan S and Cooper  

Thursday, 18 May 2017

The Holidays

In the holidays Dad, Mum, Bella and
i went biking through … walkway
and Mum and Dad ran. Because this year mum is doing a half marathon.I reckon it is good to start doing this because bella and i can get fit for cross countries and  the weet-bix tryathlon .

1 month ago Dad bought a new bike rack so Mum and Dad could have one each it is very easy to remember whose is whose because Mum has got the littlest one and Dads got the bigger one.

When Bella and i were biking i sped !!! past Bella like i was in a formula 1 race and i was racing vroom!!! past the other cars like i was going 300 km !! and he's coming down the finish line and he wins the race ! . Okay back to the story .

Okay when we were biking there were there were quite a lot of bridges and one of these bridges were so skinny it was like i was walking a tight rope it was like i was going to flip off because every thin bridge Bella would keep stopping because she would keep thinking it is to hard and then i skid on the gravel and nearly slipped into the river with crocodiles in it yummy oh!!! Some fresh meat oh !! so yummy i'm dying to eat some im getting some swim swim . okay back to the story   again !!!!

When Bella and i were biking we both saw two of Dad's concrete bridges along the way on Dad's last concrete bridge we turned around to head back .

At one of the skinny bridges mum and i were in the lead and at the end of the skinny bridge Bella fell off her bike and Mum and i went back to Bella and asked if she was okay.

Then we moved on and at that skinny bridge Dad turned back and told us that he would go and beat us by taking a shortcut and at the end of the shortcut dad was like there 20 more seconds before us before we were there .

Then we were really close to
the end of the bike ride then we went over the last two bridges and then we just went round the corner and we went up the little as hill up to the bridge and Bella and i saw a few cops and other people with free wristbands and bike lights . With the bike light you just hold it with a finger and your thumb and push with your thumb and it will light up and if you press it again it will flicker and if you press it the 3rd time it will turn red and press it again and it will turn off .
After that all of us went and watched the skateboarders at the skatepark.

After 5 minutes we went home to have a shower because Bella Me Dad and mum were so sweaty .
The End !!!

Plan ! ! ! !                 TRY TO ADD some feelings, thoughts, think about senses

Title : The Holidays

Plan     date: 4/05/2017
When : holidays

Who : mum dad me bella
  • Fun
  • Keeps me fit for interschool soccer and woodleigh team
  • Training for Mum for marathon

What : going biking

  • Mum dad were running
  • Bella, Cooper - bikes
  • Cooper ran a little bit, mum rode my bike

Where : … walkway
  • 6 km
  • Had been there before
  • Like doing this
  • Pretty easy

  • Bikes on back of Dad’s car
  • New bike rack
  • Mitchell’s cycles
  • Two bike racks